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Why Regular content is important

As i'm sure you know, Facebook statistics will only increase with regular posting. They basically reward pages that post often by 'allowing' that post to reach a wider audience, hence you will notice that if you have been 'inactive' for over a week, your next post will reach a very small audience.

Reglar social content and being able to connect with your audience is the key to success.
Why choose Us?

Peace of mind

We started this idea to help business who don't have the luxury of a media department that can manage their regular content. Instead we will come to your location to film once or twice a month to compile a series of short, sociable, engaging videos. We can then post these on your behalf at various intervals or send them to you for upload.

Its designed to work with you and lend a helping hand in regular professional content that does the business justice.
Why choose Us?

Our packages

We know that each company is unique, so our packages are fully customisable to ensure you get the best value for money.

Prices start from as little as £250 per month, so get in touch today and start connecting with your audience!

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